Te Rauhii End of Year Concert 2023

As the year drew to a close, the students, whaanau and supporters of Te Rauhii came together for an incredible End of Year Concert – a celebration of hard work, dedication, and the power of music to bring communities together. The event showcased the amazing talents of our students who had worked hard for a year to achieve outstanding musical exploration and growth.

The festivities began with the Rapid Relief Team serving delicious kai, setting the stage for a memorable evening. The shared experience of enjoying delicious food fostered a sense of community, creating connections and setting the tone for the celebration ahead.

Each String Scholarship student took the stage to perform individual pieces, giving the audience a demonstration of violin and cello music from students between Grade 0 and Grade 5. Performing solo demands immense courage, and we were incredibly impressed to see excitement taking over our students as they were able to share what they’ve been learning. Thanks to the support of our tutors Samara, Chris, Martin and Trudi, our students were able to perform pieces in a range of different styles with confidence, pride, and joy.

Te Rauhii Community Choir stepped up to perform a whopping ten pieces, offering a diverse repertoire that showcased their talents on the xylophone, ukulele, bucket drumming, percussion, and vocals. The collaboration among choir members was a testament to the power of working together, creating cohesive and stunning musical pieces. Led by Marieke and supported by Jex, the audience became more than mere spectators, but active participants in this musical performance. The infectious energy of the Funky Monkey’s “Christmas in the Summertime” drew everyone into the performance, creating laughter and joy throughout the hall!

The event culminated in a show-stopping rendition of Six60’s “Pepeha” where string students, choir members, and tutors joined forces for an incredible Te Rauhii collaboration. This piece utilised seven instruments (violin, cello, guitar, ukulele, piano, xylophone, and voice) in eleven parts, creating a stirring piece of music nothing short of extraordinary. The hall erupted in applause and cheering, as everyone celebrated this phenomenal achievement.  

Te Rauhii’s End of Year Concert was more than a musical performance; it was a celebration of community, courage, and the power of music. As the notes echoed through the hall, it became evident that music is not just a form of art, but a tool to bring people together. Te Rauhii is honoured to facilitate this musical journey.

Here’s to the students, tutors, and the entire Te Rauhii community, and another year of MUSIC!