On the 13th of May, our students gathered together at Nawton School to share a delicious lunch, courtesy of the Rapid Relief Team. Energised and excited, they hopped on a bus bound for the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts. For some, it was a nerve-wracking moment as they prepared for their very first performance. Others were eager to catch up with fellow students and performers, ready to once again showcase their amazing talents. 


We were ready for the The Rauhii Project 2023 Celebration Concert!


As the audience poured into the concert chamber, our students made last-minute preparations – tuning their instruments, squeezing in some final rehearsals, and creating paper aeroplanes in the green room (hey, whatever keeps them happy!). The buzz of excitement filled the air.


Then, a hush fell over the audience.


The stage lit up.


It was showtime!


First up was our newly formed Community Choir performing songs from different cultures – including Maaori, African, and European – and showcasing their skills on the xylophones and percussion instruments. A true standout moment came when they presented the Maaori legend of Kupe and the Giant Wheke. The combination of choral singing, haka, musical instruments, spoken word, and dance created a powerful and culturally significant performance.


Throughout the concert, our String Scholarship students had their moments to shine, each showcasing their skills with solo performances honed in their one-on-one classes. However, the highlight was when they came together as an ensemble. Fostering teamwork and collaboration, their shared performance was outstanding to watch. 


Adding to the excitement, we had the pleasure of hosting The Nations Go Busking, a Hamilton-based music group featuring some of our very own tutors. Witnessing their teachers take the stage provided our students with powerful role models, with many of them later confessed that this was their favourite part of the entire event.


The Rauhii Project 2023 Celebration Concert was an event to remember, filled with excitement, joy, talent, and moments of pure musical magic. Our students inspired and delighted the audience as we witnessed the incredible journey these young musicians had embarked upon.